Jonathon Wiggins attended St. Meinrad College and graduated from Purdue University with degrees in psychology and social studies education.  At Purdue, he served the university parish as liturgy committee chair, Mass coordinator, and member of the parish council.  He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in sociology at Loyola University of Chicago, where his dissertation was a sociological analysis of contemporary Marian devotion in the U.S. Catholic Church.  He co-wrote a paper on religious organizations in today's environmental movement which was published in Social Compass: International Review of Sociology of Religion.  He joined CARA in January 2000 as the Director of CARA's Parish Surveys. These studies are a tool that parishes and other pastoral ministries can use to evaluate the adequacy of their services, identify the needs and concerns of those they serve, and plan for the future direction of their organizations.