For more than 15 years, CARA – the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University – has been meeting the research and planning needs of parishes like yours! In our work with over 800 parishes, we designed our Parish Life Surveys to help parishes develop pastoral plans that are attentive to the needs of the people of the parish community. Using a survey tailored to the needs of your parish but with CARA’s nationally-tested bank of questions, your parish can use the survey to gain a broad perspective about many facets of parish life or to focus in on specific needs such as stewardship, evangelization, or issues facing parishes being clustered or merged. Rather than just hear from those already most involved in parish life, our surveys will give voice to a cross-section of parishioners and others attending Masses and functions at your parish. Our surveys typically include questions about satisfaction with aspects of parish life, needs assessments, attitudes, and demographic and religious characteristics. Our prices and levels of service make it easier to find just the right fit for your parish’s needs. To dig deeper into what a CARA Parish Life Survey offers explore the links below:

Typical Survey Format

This is what a typical questionnaire looks like – about 100 questions with evaluations of aspects of parish life, needs assessments, and measures of demographic and religious characteristics.

Parish Life Survey Process

Depending on how quickly the parish can come to consensus on what to include in the survey, the entire process can take as little as 12 weeks.

Seven Elements of Parish Life

These are the building blocks of what is measured in our CARA Parish Life Surveys.

Designing Your Parish Life Survey

Instructions for creating a survey that best fits the needs of your parish.

Including Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended items are an opportunity for your parishioners to communicate what they most want you to know or consider.

Why In-Pew Surveys Work Best

If you want to hear from all of those attending Masses and functions at the parish, not just those most involved, the survey needs to be administered in a way to maximize participation.

Sample Comparative Report

A sample of one of the two types of reports CARA offers.

Parish Life Survey Services and Prices

Descriptions of the two types of reports CARA offers as well as the charges for them and for other services available.

What to Do After the Report Is Delivered

CARA Associate Mary Ellen Fise will work with your parish to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your Parish Life Survey.