Unless otherwise indicated, the following publications are based on CARA surveys and databases. All analyses are copyrighted material. This selected research is made available to the public in order to fulfill CARA's mission of service to the Church, but we depend on you to respect our copyright and intellectual property by acknowledging our work. This means that if you use any CARA material you must properly cite the full name of the report or publication, along with all CARA researchers listed as the report's authors. Consistent with social science convention, you must cite CARA as the source of the data in every table or graphic that your use or produce from CARA data.

CARA is a self-supporting non-profit organization. Our efforts to provide professional social science research to serve the Church rely on the projects and grants we receive to fund our work. This means that we need your help in sharing what we do with others. Thank you very much. To help measure our mission's effectiveness we would like to know how our data are used. If you expect to use any of our data in your work, please send us an e-mail letting us know.