Catholic schools can take several approaches to surveying their community, depending on how they plan to use the resulting data. One approach is to survey parents of ChristTeacherstudents enrolled in the school. Using this approach, parents are asked a variety of questions, including why they chose the school, satisfaction with school programs, and other questions. Another approach is to survey those parents who do not send their children to the parish school, but who are active in the parish. This type of survey usually is conducted in conjunction with a parish survey. A series of questions are added to a parish questionnaire specifically targeting parents of children who are not enrolled in the school.

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Surveys of Parents of enrolled students:

In consultation with school staff, CARA can design a questionnaire for parents of students enrolled in the school. This questionnaire wcould cover such topics as satisfaction with school administration, opinions of parents on the school facilties, the likelihood of parents to recommend the school to family and friends, and other topics useful for planning. Once the completed questionnaires are returned to CARA, a user-friendly statistical report would be given to the school outlining major findings, and showing specific responses by subpopulations within the school.

Surveys of parents in the Parish:

Using CARA's Parish Surveys, parishes are given the tools to survey all people in the pews on a given weekend. These surveys can be designed to ask specific questions of those parents in the parish who do not have their children enrolled in the parish school. Using these data, CARA researchers then compile user-friendly reports for parish deicision makers.

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Surveys for School Accreditation:
Many accrediting associations require a survey of constituencies. CARA can design a survey to meet the needs of schools facing accreditation. This survey can meet the targets set by accrediting bodies and also gather data requested by parish and school leadership. Using a CARA designed survey layout, the questionnaire is more polished and professional, and the reports more detailed, than a typical accreditation survey.