Attendee Bios

Conference Objectives

  1. Initiate an international network of Catholic research centers with interest and experience in studying religious life;
  2. Establish what research, related to sisters, their life, and ministry, conference attendees have previously and are currently studying;
  3. Identify and prioritize areas of research still needed regarding religious life;
  4. Brainstorm best methods for research funding procurement, implementation, and dissemination of findings;
  5. Explore opportunities for future collaboration and partnership.

Day 1: Monday, September 21, 2020, Research Presentations

Presentations of Research
Dr. Catherine Sexton – Religious Life for Women in East / Central Africa: A sustainable future.
Fr. Luis Fernando Falco Pliego, MSpS – Weakening process in women religious life congregations in Mexico, ¿How they are dealing with it?
Research Discussion

Day 2: Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Research Presentations

Presentation of Research
Dr. Trudy Dantis – Catholic Religious Institutes in Australia: Results of the 2018 survey of Religious Institutes.
Sr. Thu Do, LHC – Cultural Diversity in Vocations to Religious Life in the United States.
Fr. Wojciech Sadlon, SAC – Communication on Intimacy, Gender and Sexuality in the Religious Communities in Poland.
Sr. Kevin Karimi, LSOSF – Women Religious Professional Development in Africa South of the Sahara.
Research Discussion

Day 3: Wednesday, September 23, 2020, Directed Discussions

Common Challenges & Areas of Need – Summary from Pre-Convening.
Partnership & Collaboration – Summary from Pre-Convening.
Dissemination of Research – Summary from Pre-Convening.
-Helpful to have a list of researchers, their topics, and current research
-Inclusion of Congregational members on research team
-What are good avenues for publishing in Africa
-Provide national conferences, workshops on research
-Create a research Newsletter for religious in Africa
-Share with Major Superiors
-Need for a publication on Social Science and Theology

Day 4: Monday, September 28, 2020, CARA-ASEC Visiting Scholar Panel

Overview of the Research Conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) Dr. Jonathon L. Wiggins.
Overview of Research Conducted by the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) Dr. Tara M. Lopatofsky.
ASEC-CARA Visiting Scholar Research Presentations
Sr. Bibiana Ngundo, LSOSF  International Women Religious in Kenya.
Sr. Florence Emurayeveya, EHJ  2019 Survey of the Ministries of Religious Sisters in Nigeria.
Sr. Joan Chisala, CSJB  The Experience of International Women Religious Living in Zambia.
Sr. Hellen Bandiho, STH  Women Religious in ACWECA Region: Effective Evangelization in Modern Society.
Sr. Margaret Ajebe-Sone, SST  Interpreting and Living out the Vow of Obedience among Women Religious in Cameroon.
Sr. Aloysia Makoae, SNJM  Many Laborers, One Shared Mission – Survey of Lesotho Religious High School Teachers & Administrators.
Visiting Scholar Panel Discussion

Day 5: Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Group Discussions

Small Group Discussions on Research Needs, Priorities, and Uses
Hilton Foundation Presentation on Data Centers in Africa
Reports from Small Group Discussions
-Important difference between Administration versus Governance
-Impact of Sisters in education, sharing our charism, role in government schools
-Need for basic information on Sisters and their works
-Research on our retirement needs
-Intro course on research for our leaders
-Intercultural (within Africa) studies of Sisters
-Research on the need for counseling skills
-Interviews aid Sisters to tell their own stories, telling your own story in not a lack of humility!
-Use social media to tell story
-Encourage Sisters to document their stories, create their own history

Day 6: Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Research Panel, Funder Priorities & Next Steps

What We Heard Panel Discussion, Five Researchers Dr. Catherine Sexton, Sr. Mary Johnson, Sr. Pasilisa Namikoye, Sr. Lucy Dora Akello, & Dr. Ann Rita Njageh
Discussion Q&A Session
Presentation on the Hilton Foundation Priorities & Funding Process Angelique Motumbo
Discussion of Next Steps
Evaluation of the Conference