Global Catholicism Trends

The brick and mortar of the Catholic Church is falling behind the demographic changes of the last 35 years. Overall, the global Catholic population has grown by 57 percent since 1980...

CARA Special Report:

CARA has completed a longitudinal study of women religious in the United States drawing on data reported by the religious institutes of women listed in the Official Catholic Directory (OCD).

Role of the family in nurturing vocations

The study consists of three parts: A survey of recently professed religious and recently ordained priests as well as those currently in formation.  A survey of family members of religious and clergy. 

New National Poll of Catholic Parents

CARA has conducted a national poll of adult Catholics, ages 25 to 45 who are parents of a minor child to explore the 21st Century Catholic family. The first special report from this project is available now.

Ministry Formation Directory

CARA is pleased to offer the Catholic Ministry Formation Directory 2015. Available now in print and online.

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