Key Catholic Trends in Mexico

With Pope Francis visiting Mexico, CARA shows some key trends in Church life there. Arguably, no other country has such broad and consistent growth and vitality in areas such as vocations, sacramental practice, Catholic education, and parish construction in recent decades.

Women and Men Entering Religious Life

In a new annual series, CARA surveyed men and women entering religious life in 2015. A first of its kind study. For both groups, the second most common way respondents reported first becoming acquainted with their religious institute is through the internet. 

Profession Class of 2015

This report presents findings from a national survey of women and men religious who professed perpetual vows in 2015 in a religious congregation, province, or monastery based in the United States. Respondents are more likely than other U.S. adult Catholics to have attended a Catholic high school (39% compared to 22%) and a Catholic college (43% compared to 7%). Median age of respondents was 35.

College and Women's Vocational Discernment

How does college impact women's vocational discernment? CARA surveyed 883 women who entered religious life in the U.S. since 2000. This report details the influence of campus ministry, friendships, classes, interactions with faculty, and more. One key difference highlighted is the type of college attended with comparisons between Catholic and non-Catholic campuses.

Role of Family in Nurturing Vocations

This report presents findings from a major study of the influence of families on the discernment of a vocation to religious life and priesthood. CARA surveyed men and women religious, diocesan priests, and seminarians who entered since 2000 as well as their family members. 

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