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Migration for Mission: International Catholic Sisters in the United States

Mary Johnson, S.N.D. de N., Mary Gautier, Patricia Wittberg, S.C., and Thu T. Do, L.H.C

Catholic sisters from many countries around the world come to the United States to minister and to study. Sociologists from Trinity Washington University and CARA at Georgetown University located more than 4,000 “international sisters” who are currently in the United States for formation, studies, or ministry, from 83 countries. Through surveys, focus groups, and interviews, they heard the stories of these sisters and learned of their joys and satisfactions as well as their struggles and challenges.

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Catholic Bishops in the United States
Church Leadership in the Third Millennium

Stephen J. Fichter, Thomas P. Gaunt, SJ, Catherine Hoegeman, CSJ, and Paul M. Perl

The last research-based book to study the bishops of the United States came out in 1989, since which time the Church has gone from Pope John Paul II to Benedict XVI to Pope Francis and undergone dramatic shifts. Catholic Bishops in the United States presents the results of a 2016 survey conducted by the Center of Applied Research for the Apostolate (CARA). It reveals the U.S. bishops’ individual experiences, their day-to-day activities, their challenges and satisfactions as Church leaders, and their strategies for managing their dioceses and speaking out on public issues.

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Pathways to Religious Life
Pathways to Religious Life

Edited by Thomas Gaunt, SJ

  • Grounded in current social science research
  • Utilizes extensive data on the associates of religious institutes and the emergence of new religious institutes in the US since 1965
  • Observations and conclusions drawing on survey data from dozens of research studies

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Word, Liturgy, Charity
The diaconate in the U.S. Catholic Church, 1968-2018

Thu T. Do, LHC; Thomas P. Gaunt, SJ; Mary L. Gautier; Mark M. Gray; Michal J. Kramarek and Jonahon L. Wiggins

This book explores trends in the diaconate as well as current and emerging opportunities and challenges in the ministry. Deacons and their wives, diaconate directors, and bishops share insights about how those trends impact diaconal ministry today and into the future.

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Catholic Parishes of the 21st Century

Charles E. Zech, Mary L. Gautier, Mark M. Gray, Jonathon L. Wiggins, and Thomas P. Gaunt

  • Updates and expands the trends explored in the Notre Dame Study of Catholic Parish Life and provides 21st century analyses of the Catholic population, pastoral leadership, and characteristics of parish life.
  • Describes the challenges and opportunities Catholic parishes face with a growing and increasingly diverse population in a time with fewer priests and religious sisters and more permanent deacons and lay ministers.

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New Generations of Catholic Sisters
The Challenge of Diversity

Mary Johnson, S.N.D. de N., Patricia Wittberg, S.C., and Mary L. Gautier

  • Highlights the voice of those generations who entered religious life after 1965
  • Includes survey data and archival material

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Bridging the Gap: The Opportunities and Challenges of International Priests Ministering in the United States

Mary L. Gautier, Mark M. Gray, Paul M. Perl, Melissa A. Cidade

Through in-depth research and data from a variety of sources, researchers from the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) provide insight into:

  • The history of international priests serving the United States
  • The current situation and emerging trends
  • How and why these decisions are made about bringing priests from outside the United States to serve in parishes here
  • The highs and lows of their acculturation and ministry
  • How to welcome and ease the transition for these men and the parishes they serve

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Same Call, Different Men
The Evolution of the Priesthood since Vatican II

Mary L. Gautier, Paul M. Perl, and Rev. Stephen J. Fichter

Far-reaching changes continue to take place in the American priesthood. Building on insights gained from four previous surveys, Same Call, Different Men uses fresh data from a 2009 survey-jointly implemented by the National Federation of Priest’s Councils and the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate-in which 900 priests shared attitudes and stories about their lives and ministry. Among topics covered are the challenges of ministry with fewer ordinations and larger parishes, ministering to an increasingly multicultural laity, collaboration with lay leaders, and personal reflections on the sexual abuse issue. It also relates the many satisfactions of being a priest, one who brings Christ to others and who is invited into many profound moments of individual lives.

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Best Practices of Catholic Pastoral and Finance Councils

Charles E. Zech, Mary L. Gautier, Robert J. Miller, and Mary E. Bendyna, RSM

In an unprecedented research effort, author Charles Zech explores the very function of these councils in an effort to lay the groundwork for best practices at every parish. It systematically fills the void as both Church leaders and laity strive to better understand the structure and processes needed to improve their effectiveness. Zech’s common-sense, straightforward writing style unpacks the extensive data to cover critical issues such as:

  • Parish Leadership
  • Education/Formation Programs
  • Communication with Parish and Parish Staff
  • Council Guideline Manuals
  • Internal Controls
  • Long-Term Planning
  • Prayer and Faith-Sharing

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scan of book cover-1
Emerging U.S. Communities of Consecrated Life Since Vatican II Third Edition
  • What is the future of consecrated life in the United States?
  • What will religious institutes and societies of apostolic life look like?
  • What new lay movements and associations of the faithful are emerging?

The directory explores characteristics of 159 existing communities that have been established in the United States since 1965 and provides information about their mission, spiritual traditions and spiritual practices. It looks at trends in the communities that have survived.

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2017 Global Directory of Catholic Seminaries

Michal J. Kramarek, Thomas P. Gaunt, S.J., Santiago Sordo-Palacios

  • The most current and comprehensive directory of Catholic seminaries through the world.
  • Includes 3,341 seminary records from 143 countries.
  • Contains information about seminary‚Äôs name, location, contact, students, faculty, and data source.

Access it for free (thanks to generous funding from the John Templeton Foundation) here:


Part I. General Overview
Part II. Africa
Part III. Central America
Part IV. North America
Part V. South America
Part VI. Asia
Part VII. Europe
Part VIII. Oceania